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The Flash Season 4 : Flash Reborn

The Flash Reborn is all set to release in October! Greetings fans! Hope you all had a great time watching The Flash. So far, there have been a number of ups and downs in the life of our beloved superhero. There have been a number of different incidents which have not only made this series a memorable one, but have also affected the timeline drastically. Barry was there, he could have saved his mother, and everything could have been avoided. This is what the fans are lamenting over. Well, his poor judgment and curiosity to travel around the speed force has finally borne bad results. Everybody thought that our Barry will fight his arch-nemesis, the infamous Barry aka Savitar, but things went out of place and now Barry is no more. But hey, this is how stories go, right?


A Quick Recap of The Flash Season Full episodes

Let us go through a quick recap of all the 69 episodes so far. From the first episode, Pilot, fans were engrossed in the series like parasites. Then as the plot progressed, a lot of happenings took place which paved way for the story to advance. We encountered a number of villains, some great fight sequences and a lot of memorable moments. Every episode had something great to offer and because of this, fans are crazy for The Flash. With Grant’s great acting, supported by an eccentric cast, The Flash went on to become the best superhero television series in the world. Every season had so much to offer, especially Season 3.
The Flash Season 4 Episode 1 : The Flash Reborn

The Flash predictions: Is Barry Really Dead?

Sigh, ‘It is we who are our biggest enemies’, a great quote indeed. Barry (and the fans) learnt that the hard way. Little did Barry know that Savitar is nobody but a projection of his alter-ego who was trying to stop Barry from entering the Speed Force. Well, it is sad to see the evil Barry pin down our beloved Barry, but there is something big planned by the makers. With The Flash Reborn, fans can take a sigh of relief, and hope for Barry’s return. As we can see, drastic changes have been made to the Speed Force, anything can happen. Barry’s sacrifice would not be left in vain, people of Central City will rise against all the evil. Barry will be free from the prison. Thus, setting the priorities straight, all we can do is hope for the return of our beloved superhero.the-flash-season-4-full-episodes

The Flash Reborn and Release Date

With The Flash Reborn, all we can hope for is that Barry will resurrect in the past and will try his best to defeat Savitar; this time with great patience and planning. Since he is already aware that Savitar is nobody but his alter-ego, he has an upper hand here. He knows all the tactics necessary to mess around with Savitar this time. Seeing Barry lose to Savitar (or die, as most of the people are referring it to) was heart-breaking. People barely thought that something like this could happen. All we have learned from that finale is that the Speed Force is a dangerous thing and it was Barry’s stupidity which brought such an end to him. What will The Flash Reborn be all about? Hey, speculation will lead to nowhere. Let us just wait and watch when it releases.
Anyway, the 70th episode or, episode one of the fourth season of The Flash is set to air in October, 2017. As per CW, it will be known as The Flash Reborn, and don’t forget to tune into CW to stream it when it releases.
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The Flash Season 4 Full Episodes : Release Date and Name

TheFlash SX4 Flash Season 4 Air Date The Flash Season 4 Episode Name
The Flash Season 4 Episode 1 Oct 10, 2017 The Flash Reborn
The Flash Season 4 Episode 2 17th of October, 2017 Mixed Signals
The Flash Season 4 Episode 3 24th of October, 2017 Luck Be a Lady
The Flash Season 4 Episode 4 31th of October, 2017 Elongated Journey Into Night
The Flash Season 4 Episode 5 07th of November, 2017 Girls Night Out
The Flash Season 4 Episode 6 14th of November, 2017 When Harry Met Harry
The Flash Season 4 Episode 7 21th of November, 2017 Therefore I Am
The Flash Season 4 Episode 8 28th of November, 2017 Crisis on Earth X
The Flash Season 4 Episode 9 5th of December, 2017 Don’t Run
The Flash Season 4 Episode 10 16th of January, 2018 To Be Announced
The Flash Season 4 Episode 11 23th of January, 2018 The Elongated Knight Rises
The Flash Season 4 Episode 12 30th of January, 2018 Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash

The Flash Upcoming Events

  • New enemies will team up against Barry. This season will feature some of the prominent bad guys like Machete and Dominion.
  • The Comic-Con trailer for Season 4 was great, and from that we can expect a lot of great things to come.
  • According to Entertainment Weekly, popular villain Blacksmith will also be featured in this season, and the role is being portrayed by Katee Sackhoff.
  • This season will also have a small crossover with Arrow Season 6. So, fans of both, rejoice!

The Flash Season 4 New Cast

Grant Gustingrant-gustin-theflashas Barry Allen and The Flash Candice PattonCandice-Patton-theflashas Iris West Danielle PanabakerDanielle-Panabaker-theflashas Caitlin Snow
Carlos ValdesCarlos-Valdes-theflashas Cisco Ramon and  Vibe Keiynan LonsdaleKeiynan-Lonsdale-theflashas Wally West and Kid Flash Tom CavanaghTom-Cavanagh-theflashas Dr. Harry Wells
Jesse L. MartinJesseL-Martin-theflash.jpgas Joe West Tom Feltonas Julian Albert Anne DudekAnne-Dudek-theflashas Tracy Brand (rumored)
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