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The Flash Season 4 Predictions

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The Flash : Season 4 Predictions
What is up, fans? Seems like you guys are quite excited about the upcoming season of The Flash. Well, to be honest, who would not be! Barry is finally coming back, and that reason is enough for us to eagerly and impatiently wait for the next season to get premiered soon. The episode will be the 70th episode in the series and will be aired in October, 2017. From the time its release date has been confirmed, everybody is going totally gaga over it. Social places like Reddit and Twitter are going crazy with plots and speculations regarding this upcoming episode – The Flash Reborn. So, here are some of the predictions regarding this episode.The-Flash-Season-4-Predictions

Fate of Barry- The last episode did not end well for Barry. Although we can say that Savitar is no more, but we all know what happened in the last seasonal finale. From the time Barry entered the Speed-Force Prison, people went mad over the show creators. H. R. is also dead now. Thanks to his credibility, Iris is safe. Well, not all heroes wear masks or capes. Anyway, there has been a lot of speculation regarding Barry’s future, but from a recent teaser it is quite sure that he is alive. Though he may not be in a perfect shape, he is alive.The-Flash-Season-4-Episodes-Predictions

Any new addition to the cast? Yes, we can expect to see some new faces this time. Super villains like Machete and Dominion will be seen in the upcoming season. Also, Katee Sackhoff, (Riddick and Oculus) will also be seen as a major villain in the upcoming season. So, hang on to your seatbelts, fans!
When will The Flash Reborn be aired?
The Flash Reborn (Season 4, Episode 1; or, Episode 70) will be aired on October 10, 2017, on CW. So, don’t forget to tune into CW. Kudos!

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